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Fall Guys Launches Second Season October 8

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So what’s your current opinion on Fall Guys? Is it just a flash in the pan, or does it have staying power? One would look at the game and assume you can only race dozens of bean people through an obstacle course so many times before it gets old. It’ll be up to developer Mediatonic to keep the game fresh…the coming months will prove if they can pull it off.

Season 2 of Fall Guys launches next week, the developer announced today. The new round of content will bear a medieval fantasy theme, with dragons, wizards and knight armor for your Bean. The new rounds that will be added will be appropriately themed — you’ll be jumping over castle turrets, racing across rising drawbridges, and avoiding large falling axes.

The new areas will also be a bit more involved, with obstacles that need to be moved into the right place before the mob can progress. New bean costumes will include the aforementioned knights, witches, wizards of the Fantasia fashion sense, princesses with large pointy hats, and a dragon outfit with your Bean’s eyes protruding from a hole in the torso.

If you’re reading all this and thinking you might as well wait on playing Fall Guys until the new stuff shows up, Mediatonic sees you and knows you’re out there. They’re throwing this incentive into the water: playing Fall Guys matches from now until the launch of Season 2 will net double fame points (the points you earn from surviving longer or winning the whole thing). This is effective immediately, so if Season One hasn’t become too played out for you, go race beans.

Can Fall Guys keep up this momentum or will the day soon come when they plummet off a cliff, just like so many of our matches have gone? Season 2 poofs into being October 8.