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Ex-Rockstar Games Member Explains Lack Of GTA 6 News


In the world of video games, there are certain expectations that are put upon successful titles. Mainly, if a game is successful, and there is a demand for another game in the line, there should be one. And developers tend to do that. But if a game is VERY successful, then a sequel is all but inevitable. Except apparently in the case of GTA 6. For despite GTA V being out since 2013, the next game in the Grand Theft Auto franchise has not been teased, talked about, or even referenced by Rockstar Games in any significant manner.

This is somewhat mind-boggling because GTA V has literally shattered records. It’s sold well over 100 million units continues to be bought even 7 years later and new content for it and GTA Online continues to come. So given all of this, why hasn’t GTA 6 even been teased to let the long-gestating fans know that there is something truly new on the horizon?

Former Rockstar Games producer, Darion Lowenstein weighed in on the issue via Tik Tok of all things. He was asked why the recent PlayStation event didn’t show the game and he noted that new console generations are hard to prepare for at times because the systems take time to not just work out, but push to their fullest. So making a truly legendary title at the beginning of a console cycle is hard.

Given the grandeur of GTA V, the team at Rockstar Games without a doubt won’t go and make a cookie-cutter sequel. Too much expectations.

However, Lowenstein also noted that there’s a money thing here. GTA Online is still making LOTS of money, so for them to take time off of doing cheaper updates and content to make a fully fledged new game that MIGHT sell as good is not worth the risk apparently. Or at least, that’s how he reads the situation.