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Every Animated Thing Announced For Disney+ Today


Today The Walt Disney Megamonolith decided to dump a gigantic waterfall of announcements over our heads during their Investors Call — dozens and dozens of previously unannounced shows and movies, and any one of them would have merited full articles on their own. We may cover some of these in greater detail later on. But for now, this is the best we can do, because we’re only human. Keep in mind this is JUST the animated content…were we to include everything else, I would be typing this post for hours.

ENCANTO: That’s the Spanish word for “spell.” This is a tale of “magical realism” centered on a Colombian family, directed by Lin-Manuel Miranda. From Disney Studios, due out 2022.

LIGHTYEAR: It’s not the toy, it’s the actual Buzz Lightyear from the fictional universe the toy was based on….kinda like that TV series from twenty years ago, remember that one? This will be somewhat different…for one thing, it’s a fresh-faced young Buzz just breaking into the Space Rangers, so it’s an origin story. For another thing, it’s a movie, not a show, and it’ll be released in theaters (and, eventually, Disney+) June 17, 2022.

TIANA: The star of Princess and the Frog gets her own TV series. She’s now married to Prince Naveen and managing her own country along with her cooking projects. We hope Charlotte will stop by; we like her energy. Alas, we won’t be getting that fly character…RIP. Due out 2022.

MOANA: Moana explores her Pacific Island home and dives into its mythology. This one’s early and not much is known about it. Due out 2023.

BAYMAX!: Wait a minute, Baymax already has a show…that’s about to be cancelled, but still. Says director Don Hall, “Each episode, we meet a new character, a patient Baymax is going to help…Baymax will have a new feature that will allow him to quickly travel around the streets of San Fransokyo to find new patients.” Due out 2022.

ZOOTOPIA+: This will be more of an anthology series, with each episode focusing on a different animal living in the titular city. Due out 2022.

DUG DAYS: As in Dug, the dog from Up. Carl is also involved in some fashion, but it’s mainly a TV show about Dug. That’s all anyone knows. Due out 2021.

CARS: Lightning McQueen and Mater go on a cross-country road trip in this Disney+ show. You don’t have to watch it if you don’t want to. Due out 2022.

WIN OR LOSE: The only original series on this entire page. From Pixar, it’s a show about a co-ed middle school softball team and each episode focuses on a different member. We’re intrigued. Due out 2023.

DIARY OF A WIMPY KID: Back when they were their own studio, 20th Century Fox made four Wimpy Kid movies, all of them live-action. But Jeff Kinney is a cartoonist and his creation deserves to be seen in his intended, round-headed form. New owners Disney+ will do it in a CG series. Release date unknown.

CHIP ‘N DALE RESCUE RANGERS: This is a movie, not a revival of the show…but it’s not what anyone was expecting. We were all dreading a “realistic” Chip and Dale that looked like actual chipmunks, but it turns out Disney isn’t going to make that mistake (thank heaven). Instead it’s more like Roger Rabbit: Chip and Dale are cartoon characters living in the real world, and trying to survive as 2D-animated critters while more modern 3D characters nab all the roles. John Mulaney and Andy Samberg play the rodents. Due out 2022.

MARVEL’S WHAT IF: Originally announced in 2019, this is closer to completion than everything else — and has its own trailer to prove it. Based on the comic book that told non-canon stories about what would have happened if Superhero X had made Decision Y. Due out 2021.