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Entire Yu-Gi-Oh Anime Roster Possibly Coming To Pluto TV


There are many animes that have made a big splash in the West over the last several decades, but one of the most surprising in terms of impact was that of Yu-Gi-Oh. The anime, based on the very popular manga, came to the United States and beyond and wowed everyone with their creative use of card game battles and inspired a legion of spinoffs and sequel series. And now, it appears as though one streaming service will get the entire lineup, Pluto TV.

The announce first appeared as the streaming service stated that they had secured the rights to the VRAINS series of Yu-Gi-Oh exclusively, which is obviously a big deal. But, the announcement also noted that they’re aiming to bring forth all the other series to the service as well. Including Zexal, GX, 5Ds and the original Duel Monsters series that started it all off. In total, that would be over 650 episodes of viewing for diehard fans.

There is also potential for multiple dubs and some of the “original music’ to be coming to the streaming service as well. Whether that happens or not though is still being worked out, but it would be another huge win for fans.

In recent months, there has been a bit of a scramble to try and capture all the biggest animes and animation series out there that are making a big splash and make them exclusive to certain sites. Netflix for example has been trying to grab as many anime series as possible, including getting Naruto, the latest Pokemon franchise, and more.

This is because animes like Attack On Titan, My Hero Academia, Demon Slayer and more have been grabbing the attention of various audiences all over the world and are bringing in a ton of money. So you can see why Pluto TV and more are trying to get all the series they can.