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Entertainment Weekly Publishes New Star Wars: The Force Awakens Photos

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The big new article in this week’s Entertainment Weekly is an expose on Star Wars: The Force Awakens, with plenty of pictures, insider tidbits and spoilers. Ten of these pictures have been made available by EW online.


New protagonists Rey and Finn run for their lives, new to this adventuring thing and unaware that Stormtroopers cannot hit the broad side of a barn.





The bad guy, Kylo Ren, posing for his Christmas card photo. Ah, right…….Life Day card photo.


It’s hard to tell at first, but this used to be a TIE Fighter. It’s only when you look closely at the smoke that you can see the other wing.






This character is female.




Notice that the X-Wings are black now. I don’t know why nobody thought of that before. It’s space, so they’ll blend into the background better….





General Hux, who serves under Kylo Ren.




Kylo walking away after doing something mean. Abrams says he idolizes Darth Vader and is trying to live up to his legacy. Kylo, not Abrams.





And here’s how the ball droid enters the picture! We think.





Darth Hideous and Kaldo Sleazebaggano, plotting out their evil scheme. ….never mind, it’s JJ Abrams and Lawrence Kasdan.




This reveals a new mystery: C-3PO has a red left arm now. What’s the deal with that? We’ll have to wait until December….