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Encanto Co-Direct Answers Big Fan Question


Encanto is a very interesting success when you hear about how it got successful. Because when it was announced, it did have hype, mainly because of it being made in part by Lin-Manuel Miranda, but it was seen as “another Disney movie”. Then, when it came out in theaters, it did fine, but not exactly mind-blowing. But after that, it went onto Disney+ and EXPLODED in popularity in a way that no one really expected.

So much so that not only did Encanto get a Golden Globe recently for Best Animated Picture, it’s nominated for several awards at the Oscars. Plus, its hit song, “We Don’t Talk About Bruno” soared to the top of the Billboard charts.

In other words, it went from “good movie” to “beloved movie” with one simple transition. Which is very nice. But, fans have watched the movie so much that they have had a certain question about a few characters and why they weren’t helped in a certain area.

Specifically, in the movie, Julieta has the ability to heal people with her gift. And yet, there are two people in her familiar, including main character Mirabel, have glasses. Thus they weren’t healed by Julieta. Why?

On Twitter, co-director Jared Bush answered that very question:

“3 years ago, Lowri wrote Disney asking for a heroine w/ glasses. I couldn’t say that her wish was already coming true! BUT watch the clip for the answer to a big question: Why doesn’t Julieta ‘fix’ Mirabel or Agustín’s eyesight. It’s who they are & she wouldn’t want to change it,” Bush explained.

And if you think about it, that’s a very wholesome thing. Sometimes people like that they have glasses, so they wouldn’t want to change it because it’s a part of them. That also shows the wisdom of Julieta to not try and fix what others don’t truly feel is broken.