Home News "Ed Edd n Eddy" Continues to Impress…

"Ed Edd n Eddy" Continues to Impress…


Show: Ed Edd n Eddy
Episode: #47: “Thick As An Ed”/”Sorry, Wrong Ed”
Airdate: TONIGHT, January 30th, at 7 PM (encore at 9:30 PM) ET.

Most criticism of Ed Edd n Eddy is entirely unfounded, and almost makes me wonder if people really watch the show or pretend they do and blast it, the latter of which seems increasingly more likely. I don’t know why. The humor may not always strike gold but the show is the best cartoon Cartoon Network has ever offered. The animation is leaps and bounds above their other shows, the humor far more witty and clever, and the characters realistic and entertaining. The show does an incredible job at juggling so many characters without losing focus or direction. And tonight’s episode, airing at 7 PM and 9:30 PM ET on Cartoon Network… doesn’t exactly give you the best indication of that. However, it’s still a good episode and worth watching, though you may get too much of your fill of stink jokes (don’t worry, no fart or burp jokes), which is uncharacteristic of the show.

“Thick As An Ed” opens with a silly Ed dream sequence (much more pleasant than the one about Johnny 2×4 as Ed’s mother), and goes into a long-winded plot to get rid of Ed’s jacket, which contains a piece of old rotten cheese that Ed has, for some reason or another, taken as a friend. Eddy doesn’t want to get involved, busy with his own scam, until Ed and Edd’s fighting drives him up a wall. The episode takes a little while to get going but once the fun starts it doesn’t stop (until a somewhat predictable ending). This episode I wasn’t too fond of, because it lingered on the same repetitive joke for quite a while. It’s not the best episode to watch if you’re trying to get back into the show.

“Sorry, Wrong Ed” is a somewhat zany story about Rolf’s phone causing bad luck for Eddy in all sorts of horribly painful ways, ranging from simple mechanical failure to getting clobbered by a ice cream truck that comes out of nowhere. This one was a lot more entertaining than the previous episode, and sort of got back to what makes EEE fun. It comes up with new unique ways of inflicting pain on Eddy in each scene, and the pace begins to snowball up to the end. In a good way. Ed fans will be right at home.

As usual, both episodes have very strong animation with hilarious drawings and top-notch storyboarding from James Wooton and (newcomer?) Tout LeMonde. Some people may not care for the designs but the fact is, I have yet to see modern designs animate SO WELL. Except perhaps for Samurai Jack. The music is the same jazz quintet that has produced the show’s soundtrack, and the music always fits the action onscreen. Having heard so many synth soundtracks in cartoons today, it’s nice to hear some REAL music.

The bottom line is, if you’re an Ed fan, be sure to watch. If you’re not an Ed fan, I would wait until a later episode to start watching. One that better shows off the recent Ed formula that has worked so well for the third and fourth seasons.