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Earthworm Jim Coming Back To Television With New Cartoon

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Earthworm Jim is back! No worries, this isn’t about the video game sequel in development for the scam uh, business venture Intellivision Amico. In fact, we pledge to NEVER bring you any news story about the Intellivision Amico here. You can rest easy. This is a cartoon.

The TV series is the first effort from the newly reformed Interplay to translate their properties to TV and film via a new division in the company devoted to such things. Michel K. Parandi has been hired as showrunner, Aaron Billet will serve as producer and Passion Pictures will animate the series, led by Marc Bodin-Joyeux.

Interplay introduced Earthworm Jim to the world in 1994. Part hard-as-nails 90s mascot platformer, part satire of the same thing, the game’s innovative animated graphics and wild sense of humor made it an instant classic. EWJ patterned itself after a cartoon so much, it made sense to actually make one. The Earthworm Jim cartoon series first appeared on Kids WB during the premiere of the entire block, and lasted two seasons and 23 episodes.

The series stuck heavily to the game, starring all the characters that appeared alongside Jim: Peter Puppy, Princess What’s-Her-Name, Evil The Cat, Psy-Crow, Professor Monkey-For-A-Head, Bob The Killer Goldfish, Queen Slug-For-A-Butt, and Snot, who was just a living glob of snot. Oh yeah, and cows. Lots of cows.

This new series has a completely different premise and features no one from the game outside of Jim himself. He’ll be captain of a spaceship alongside two other worms and a giant bull. The mission isn’t to save the universe, but just to find Earth, where Jim believes he originated (otherwise how could he be an EARTH-worm?) We’re not sure what to think just yet, but there’s an “interview” clip with Jim out there thanks to Variety, who broke the story.

The new Earthworm Jim cartoon currently has no release date or platform (it’s being shopped around; we’ll let you know where it winds up — hopefully not Peacock). Also, don’t worry about that creep TenNapel — he doesn’t actually hold the rights to Jim and will not be involved in any way.