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Earth’s Mightiest Hyped Up Show


Marvel signed a ginormous deal with Disney a few years ago, had last year’s biggest movie with the “Avengers” and have a fanbase approximately the size of Albania – so naturally, they are feeling the need to hype up their product a bit more in case there are still 17 people left on Earth who have not heard of one of their superheroes, movies, television series, comics or video games. They will be doing this with the recently announced original digital programming series titled, subtly enough “Earth’s Mightiest Show”. Hosted by Blair Butler [think G4 “Attack of the Show”] the series promises first looks at Marvel-related projects, interviews with big-time directors like Bryan Singer [“X-Men: Days of Future Past”] and behind-the-scenes looks at the people behind the creation of many of the Marvel superheroes that will leave you either “hyperventilating in a good way” or blind in one eye seeing more than you may have wanted to see.

“Earth’s Mightiest Show” will run on a weekly basis on Marvel’s website [www.marvel.com] later in 2013.

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