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EarthNight Begins On PlayStation 4


After already having been made available to Nintendo Switch and PC users last year, 2D platformer “EarthNight” is now available on PlayStation 4 – just in time for the arrival of the Lunar New Year on Saturday.


In “EarthNight”, the hand-painted snake-like dragons – who look either like dragon versions of Chinese finger puzzles or dragons celebrating the Year of the Rat – have taken over the Earth and booted off all the humans, now the humans would like to return to Earth but they must run the gauntlet of all the dragons swirling about protecting their newfound home.


You can play as either Stanley or Sydney and, depending on whom you select, you can have up to 35 different abilities and powers [For instance, Stanley can use a sword while Sydney can double-jump]. Stanley and Sydney’s goal is to return to Earth by either skydiving or riding along the backs of the dragons. Either way they choose, they have to navigate five layers of atmosphere to achieve their goal and if they choose to ride the back of a dragon, then they have to run from end to end along the dragon, locate a weak spot and attack – sort of like the Death Star tactic from “Star Wars”.


Along the way, Stanley and Sydney will require water – the currency of the game – but there is a catch: water can be obtained from water ships, but there are only a “handful” of those ships lurking about the atmospheres. Stanley and Sydney will need to collect scrap items [a skull, a box, a doughnut, a banana, etc.] to use as trade for whatever water they can get.