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EA Removes The Non-Skippable Ads From UFC 4


It always seems as though video game companies never learn from certain mistakes that they have made over the years. The biggest one easily being EA, aka Electronic Arts. The company has made some of the biggest mistakes in the world of gaming over the last many years, and now their latest mistake has come back to haunt them in the form of UFC 4.

So, what did UFC 4 to tick off so many people. Well, despite the game already being out, the team at EA decided to turn on a feature that would put on non-skippable ads for players to “watch” during the replays of fights they had just finished. Including one of them being for Amazon Prime’s “The Boys”. Which obviously made many gamers mad because they didn’t come into the game to watch ads, but to go and play the game.

Naturally, the fans revolted against this, and so, in a thread on Reddit, EA acknowledged that they were turning off the feature and apologized for making players go through it. However, savvy people have noticed that the wording doesn’t stop them from trying to do this in a more roundabout way that doesn’t interfere with gameplay…which would fit perfectly into the M.O. of EA.

After all, this is the company that went and made Loot Boxes so infamous via both UFC 3 and Star Wars Battlefront 2 that it became a worldwide issue about gambling. Because it really became about “Pay-to-win” versus “pay to get some flashy perks” like in Fortnite or other titles.

This is the reason why so many gamers hate EA, because they’re more focused on the money than they are with the games. Which has been proven via Battlefront, as well as recent Bioware titles like Mass Effect Andromeda and Anthem, and who knows what else!

Yes, they fixed this move and gamers should be grateful. But, they should also be wary about what happens next.