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E3 2019: Square Enix Shows Off More Of Final Fantasy VII Remake

Final Fantasy VII Remake

What’s the word on Final Fantasy VII Remake? Any new glimpses at the game?

During the E3 2019 press conference for Square Enix, fans were excited for two major games, and one of them was Final Fantasy VII Remake. The game got a release date the other day, but tonight, more details were put into the combat and the episodic content of the first episode.

The game will feature a mix of free-flow combat and time-freezing action so that players can tactically choose their next moves. And swapping between characters in your party can be done in an instant.

Final Fantasy VII Remake also got a new trailer, an extended one that showed off some fan-favorite characters.

“The world has fallen under the control of the Shinra Electric Power Company, a shadowy corporation controlling the planet’s very life force as mako energy. In the sprawling city of Midgar, an anti-Shinra organization calling themselves Avalanche have stepped up their resistance. Cloud Strife, a former member of Shinra’s elite SOLDIER unit now turned mercenary, lends his aid to the group, unaware of the epic consequences that await him. A spectacular reimagining of one of the most visionary games ever, the first game in this project will be set in the eclectic city of Midgar and presents a fully standalone gaming experience.”