Home News E3 2019: Square Enix Reveals Final Fantasy VIII Remastered

E3 2019: Square Enix Reveals Final Fantasy VIII Remastered

Final Fantasy VIII Remastered

What’s this about a Final Fantasy VIII Remastered? Is it true?

Hot off the heels of showing of the Final Fantasy VII Remake, Square Enix surprised many at their E3 2019 press conference by revealing that a Final Fantasy VIII Remaster is coming this very year! Final Fantasy VIII is another fan-favorite in the long-standing RPG franchise, and this remaster, which is coming to all consoles and PC, will be the first chance for many to play it.

This Final Fantasy was the first to embrace a more clean 3D art style, one that was visually much more stunning than Final Fantasy VII back in the day. So now, seeing this in HD with its cutscenes and characters will be a treat for sure.

“Coming in 2019, FINAL FANTASY VIII Remastered marks the 20th Anniversary of its original release with a new visual refresh and brings the game’s beloved story to modern platforms: Steam, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. With overhauled visuals, see your favorite characters come to life like never before!”


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