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E3 2019: Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot Revealed


What is Bandai Namco working on next with Dragon Ball Z? How about Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot? It was revealed for the first time* to the crowd at Microsoft’s E3 conference this afternoon.

“Kakarot” is the birth name of Earth’s mightiest alien hero who doesn’t wear a cape, Son Goku, and skipping the events of Dragon Ball, these are some of his earliest adventures. The storyline appears to be a recreation of major events from the first and second seasons, though how you play through them wasn’t part of the reveal (it’s entirely cinema scenes). Official word is that it’s an action RPG.

*This game was pre-revealed last January as “Dragon Ball Project Z.” It’s in development from studio CyberConnect 2, best known for the .hack series but responsible for other anime-themed licensed games like Naruto: Ultimate Ninja.

Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot invades Earth early 2020, on Playstation 4, XBox One and PC.