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E3 2018: The Pirates Return In Kingdom Hearts 3


How many Kingdom Hearts 3 trailers can one trade event have? And how come none of them made their premiere at Square’s own event?

Yep, we got another fresh peek at 2019’s Square-Disney mashup during Sony’s E3 presentation tonight, and this one revealed yet another new world…or rather, confirmed the return of an old world. The Pirates of the Caribbean world from Kingdom Hearts 2 is back, and this time, it’s reenacting the events of Pirates 3. Wonder if it’ll include a scene where little Sora is staring up nervously at a noose. Sorry/not sorry.

Two generations removed from Playstation 2, a realistic world like Jack Sprarrow’s looks really great. Wish we could say the same for the storyline of Pirates 3, but in theory, many of the movie’s events should be more fun to play than to watch. We also got to see more of the other worlds in this trailer (this is the most we’ve seen of the Hercules world to date), and we also got some pretty cool news hardware-wise….

kingdom hearts 3

This sweet new Playstation 4 has Kingdom Hearts branding and comes packed with the entire KH saga: the remastered versions of Kingdom Hearts 1, 2 and their spinoffs, plus 3. It’ll be available the day Kingdom Hearts 3 is released: January 29, 2019.