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E3 2018: New Looks At Octopath Traveler, Dragon Quest XI

octopath traveler

Why did Square Enix host an E3 livestream this year? That’s the question people are still asking, even after it’s over. Why did we get a trailer about a deaf guy beating people up instead of FF7 Remake? Where was that mysterious Avengers game they announced months ago? And why even host their own event if all their good trailers made their debut during other presentations?

Like the owl and his Tootsie Roll pop, the world may never know. But at least we got some new footage of games that may not be grabbing the kind of media attention FF7 Remake would, but should be pretty good in their own right. Like Octopath Traveler.

Square didn’t upload this trailer, so we have to bum off Kotaku to show it to you. But the game’s unique visual style still looks amazing, recreating classic 2D pixel visuals in 3D space. Octopath Traveler will be out on Nintendo Switch July 13, 2018.

Dragon Quest XI also looks great. It’ll contain extra content the original Japanese version didn’t have such as a hard mode, an alternate camera and a new Dash function. Supposedly this game is also coming to Switch, but Square hasn’t said anything about that version in a while. It’ll be released after the PS4 version in Japan and could take longer to come here….if at all. Dragon Quest Xi will be out on Playstation 4 and PC September 4.

One more thing….Final Fantasy XIV is crossing over with Monster Hunter World! Check out Rathalos, “King of the Skies,” spreading his wings in Square’s MMO. The crossover will take place this summer.