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E3 2018: Jump Force!

jump force

Microsoft revealed Jump Force today at their E3 press conference. What dark forces could be so powerful that the Earth’s greatest anime heroes have to join forces to fight it? (Looks like just Frieza…they got this.)

There have been video games uniting Shonen Jump characters before, but never one with this much energy and elaborate visuals poured into it. Jump Force stars the long-running manga mag’s most famous characters, with their powers fully accessible. Luffy can stretch and perform Gum Gum attacks, Naturo has his Shadow Clone Jutsu, and Goku has his famous Saiyan power-up technique. At the end of the trailer Ruyk and Light Yagami from Death Note show up….but which side are they on?

Keep in mind, the below trailer doesn’t seem to show a second of in-game footage, so we don’t know how this game will play. It is very most likely a fighter, but what kind — 2D, 3D or 2 and a half D? It’s too early to know. We should learn more about Jump Force as we get closer to its release date, sometime in 2019.

Oh yeah, and don’t count on One Punch Man showing up….unless he’s severely nerfed.