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E3 2017: A Release Date At Last For Cuphead


Cuphead should look familiar to you if you’ve got a good memory of E3s past, and even if your memory is poor. Microsoft first showed it off as part of their E3 conference way back in 2014, and it’s made an appearance every year since. With each year comes the promise that we’ll get to play it before the next E3 rolls around, a promise that is usually broken by the time 12 months have passed and another trailer for Cuphead appears. And the cycle continues.

This time, however, Studio MDHR swears up and down that this game is nearly complete. The new trailer, in fact, is little more than the one bit of information everybody has been starving for: the release date. The final, unchanging release date. Ladies and gentlemen, September 29 is the day.

Many games have tried to accomplish the feel of playing a cartoon, but none have come as close as Cuphead. The hand-drawn animation and 1930’s inspired characters are as authentic as you can get. Even after four years, the game still looks phenomenal (and hard to beat). Cuphead will be exclusive to Microsoft-branded machines and will be out September 29 for XBox One and Windows 10. Now, one last time…