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E3 2017: Reggie Answers All Your Nintendo Questions


Today was the day Nintendo of America boss Reggie Fils-Aime went on the interview circuit, speaking with all the big websites and answering their queries. Reggie was asked different questions by multiple sources, and by piecing them all together, we were able to build a pretty comprehensive set of answers, even if a few of them consisted of his trademark handwaving.

Is the Legacy Collection in Switch’s online service what Nintendo is replacing the Virtual Console with, or are we getting a Virtual Console itself eventually? (Kotaku)
“As we communicate the specifics of the Nintendo Switch online service, then at that point we’ll communicate what it is we’re doing with our legacy content.”

Why Nintendo’s online features were delayed (Polygon)
“As we were proceeding along development, there were things we wanted to do with Nintendo Switch online that extended the development time. When you look at the products [from Nintendo] that have been delayed, typically it’s worth the wait. Breath of the Wild is a great example.”

On relief for our nation’s continued Switch shortage (IGN)
“I’m not going to tell you when we’ll get there, but our goal is to improve our supply chain so that more product is available to more consumers. And that is a key focus.”

On the possibility of more Wii U games being ported to Switch (IGN)
“What drives the discussion is ‘what more will there be?’ Meaning, let’s take Mario Kart 8 Deluxe as an example. It needed to be the definitive version of that software for the consumer to be as excited as they are. Pokken Tournament DX with the additional fighters, the additional Pokemon, that was important for it to be an element of the game. What we are internally resisting is just a pure port, versus thinking about how not only do we showcase a game to a wider audience, but how do we make sure that there’s something more? So it’s an active discussion.”

What’s up with having to use a phone for online voice chat? (Kotaku)
“So let’s be clear. What you’ve seen is the execution by one particular supplier. That is not going to be the only solution (referring to the wires). [But] it’s going to require a phone. It’s going to require a mobile device and be delivered by an app. We actually think that the phone is going to deliver a better, more robust execution. In terms of the APIs that we can build into an app, the fact that phones are ubiquitous, the fact that it allows us to do much more rapid improvements and updates to the service, that’s why we think a phone execution—and specifically a mobile app execution—is going to be better for the consumer.”

Why Metroid Prime 4 was announced so early in development (IGN and Polygon)
“We wanted to make it clear that Metroid is an important franchise for us. As we think about how to satisfy the needs to the Metroid fans, we needed to make sure they understood there was a great console experience coming, in addition to Metroid: Samus Returns coming on Nintendo 3DS.”

Speaking of that…why was Metroid: Samus Returns not part of the Nintendo Direct? (Polygon)
“We’ve learned through lots of experience that the consumer wants to get that upfront information on the console experiences [as opposed to handhelds].”

Will Nintendo continue to support the 3DS when the Switch is portable? (IGN)
“We’re going to continue to bring new content, and that’s what’s going to keep this device vibrant and keep it going well into 2018 and beyond.”

About the inability of Switch users to back up their game saves (Kotaku)
“I can’t say there’s a solution coming, but we do hear the message.”

Obligatory Mother 3 question (IGN)
“I thought I was going to make it a day at E3 without being asked about Mother 3.”