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E3 2017: The New Kingdom Hearts 3 Trailer


We were expecting a new Kingdom Hearts 3 trailer to appear during Sony’s conference tomorrow night, but Square decided to spring it on us 48 hours early. This three-minute peek at KH3 made its debut last night at the Kingdom Hearts Orchestra World Tour concert in Los Angeles. The trailer was uploaded to YouTube this morning.

For the most part the trailer shows off Sora’s new fighting moves, and he can really shuffle around. He can even piggyback off Goofy now and throw the dog at enemies (Goofy doesn’t seem to mind). No new areas are shown — the trailer mostly takes place in and around Mount Olympus, which we already knew was in the game. However, there is another trailer coming soon that promises the reveal of a new world.

You might think we’d be getting that one tonight, but it’s actually premiering a month from now, at Disney’s D23 Expo on July 15. If KH3 is shown during the Sony E3 conference, it will probably be this trailer again.

Kingdom Hearts 3 still has no release date. Maybe we’ll get that answer next month….