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E3 2017: Highlights From Sony’s Conference


Sony’s E3 presentation in Los Angeles was little more than several trailers chained together for an hour. Surprises were sparse, hotly anticipated titles like The Last Of Us 2 were nowhere to be found, some previews went on far longer than they needed to, and the only time we saw the Square logo was when it preceded a VR fishing game. Sony chose to limit its presentation to games that would be coming out within the next year. It’s gonna be a lukewarm twelve months. But here are the bright spots we liked.

The surprise of the evening was a complete remake of Team Ico’s Shadow of the Colossus. If there’s anything from the PS2 that deserved a modern-day graphical overhaul, it’s this…..and a few dozen other games, but let’s focus on what we can get. It’s coming sometime in 2018.

UNDERTALE ON CONSOLE! The day they told us would never come! All that waiting paid off! It’s coming to both PS4 and Vita, and by the way, this was the presentation’s only mention of Vita.

The PS4 is getting Monster Hunter…and how. Monster Hunter World looks amazing (and kinda makes me peeved the Switch is just getting a remake of an older game). This game is also coming to XBox One at the same time, and the PC later on.


Horizon: Zero Dawn has an expansion on the way, The Frozen Wilds. It may not be a surprise that this high-profile game is getting DLC, but more Aloy is welcome.

We got a new trailer for God of War, which has improved since we saw it last. As was revealed last year, Kratos is a daddy now and has to lug his son around while he does his business of taking down overpowered gods in violent fashion.

Sony’s “last minute big bomb” was a sneak peek at the gameplay from Insomniac’s heavily anticipated Spider-Man game. The lengthy scene, in which Spidey swung around NYC trying to uncover the head of a criminal syndicate, was sure fun to watch. But will it be fun to play? Since the scenario was so heavily scripted, the controls were mostly QTE button-pushing. Insomniac is a top-notch studio and we feel confident Spider-Man will not be a game that’ll play itself. We got a very cinematic portion of the game because it would look good in a trailer….we hope.