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E3 2017: Highlights Of Nintendo’s Conference


For several years now Nintendo has forgone the traditional E3 stage presentation in favor of a pre-prepared livestream. With most of the other companies’ conferences not leaving a very strong impression, it was up to Nintendo to drop the bombs we were hoping for. And we did get a few.

This year’s Nintendo Direct video was rather short at a little over 20 minutes in length, but this was apparently because the company is saving some announcements this year for the live Treehouse stream. One such announcement, Metroid: Samus Returns, happened fifteen minutes after the Direct ended. (Metroid and Mario will be covered in separate articles, since there is so much info for both.)

The party started with Xenoblade Chronicles 2. There was a rumor going around that this game would be delayed, but thankfully that is not the case — “Holiday 2017” is still the target window. It looks nearly finished here and has English voice acting.

Pokemon Company president Tsunekazu Ishihara confirmed what we all wanted to hear — a “core” Pokemon game will be released on the Switch. Despite how obvious the decision sounds, nothing is ever a given with Nintendo.

We already knew what was in Breath of the Wild’s first DLC pack, but this was the first time we got any hint as to what to expect in the second. The new quest will revolve around the four Hylian Champions you helped out through the game. They didn’t spill more than that, but we also got a release date for DLC Pack 1 — it’s coming at the end of this month.

The Switch’s first Fire Emblem game will be in the vein of Hyrule Warriors — yup, it’s called Fire Emblem Warriors, and just like in the Zelda-flavored spinoff, you can play as characters from throughout the Fire Emblem series. This is not a turn-based game — you will be facing giant hordes of enemies in real time.

Rocket League is coming to Switch — meaning Car Soccer will become portable at last. Cross-play will be allowed with other consoles and the PC. It’ll be released around the same time as Super Mario Odyssey, and will have appropriate Mario Hat customization items to find.

This would be the next Yoshi game. It’s just called “Yoshi” here but there is probably a subtitle coming before the game’s release in 2018, because this doesn’t look like a remake of a Game Boy puzzler.

I have to admit, I can’t tell if this Kirby game is a remake of an earlier title, or something new that just happens to look the same as about five other titles in the series. It might be time to mix things up. It is also as early as Yoshi and doesn’t have a final title.

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