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E3 2017: Blade Strangers Coming From Studio Saizensen

blade strangers

Code of Princess and Cave Story were two small video games that gained cult followings when they were released a few years ago. Now the characters from both titles are back — in the same game. Studio Saizensen, the production studio that made Code of Princess, and Nicalis, the US publisher responsible for popularizing Cave Story, have teamed up to create Blade Strangers, a 2D fighter starring both sets of characters and more.

Blade Strangers has some pretty art, but it’s been created through unconventional means. Today’s fighting games use either hand-drawn sprites or 3D real-time generated models. This game combines both approaches by using still 2D frames of previously generated 3D models. This allowed Saizensen to stylize the movement as much as possible while keeping development time short.

The fights demonstrated below mostly feature Princess Solange, the main character of Code of Princess. You might recall that in her original game Solange carried a legendary blade so huge she had to drag it behind her for the majority of the game. They’ve actually shortened the length of her sword to give other characters a chance at dodging her. For the most part this demo uses Code of Princess characters, but characters from other games are planned — according to Nicalis they are not ready to be revealed yet.

Blade Strangers was demoed last night on the Twitch E3 livestream, and captured in its entirety by Nintendo Everything. It currently has no release date.