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E3 2016: Whoa, Look At Scalebound


The E3 conference from Microsoft felt mostly underwhelming, except for the part where the president of Platinum Games came on stage and said “This is the largest boss battle we’ve ever created.” If you’re familiar with Platinum’s past work, which always goes for the extreme, this is quite the statement. I immediately sat up.

We haven’t seen much of Scalebound since its introduction two E3s ago — they were biding their time, waiting to spring this great scene upon us. It was a co-op battle where four players riding dragons took turns whittling away the HP of an IMMENSE crab-creature in the middle of the ocean, while stormy waves crashed around them. Describing it is one thing, seeing it is another:


We’ll still have to wait a while for Scalebound; it isn’t due anytime this year. Microsoft is promising a 2017 release for XBox and PC. As part of the Play Anywhere program, gamers will own both copies at once with the purchase of just one of them. If they’re away from the XBox, they’ll be able to pick up from their own saves wherever they can carry a Windows PC. Dragons everywhere!