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E3 2016: It’s Possible To Go Straight To The Final Boss In Zelda: Breath of The Wild

breath of the wild

Speedrunners and other such “game-breaker” enthusiasts have been wondering just how open The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild truly is. It’s not unreasonable to suspect large sections of the game have been blocked off for future access, right? …Not this time. Producer Eiji Aonuma confirmed today that if a player was good enough, they could go from the opening cinematic straight to the final boss if they truly wanted to.

It just wouldn’t be easy. You would of course need to forego all the power-ups and additional health meters you’d normally collect along the way. But Aonuma is aware that people have attempted runs in the Zelda series doing exactly that. He knew somebody out there would want to try to get straight to the end, and he decided not to stand in their way.

“Anybody who can go straight to the goal without doing anything else — there’s two possibilities,” Aonuma said. “Either they’re a really good gamer, or they could be somebody that’s a little bit crazy. But it’s not impossible. I created the game like that. Maybe it might be fun for fans to compete in a challenge for who can clear it first.”

It’s a given now that the game’s ending will be on YouTube within hours of its release. But you don’t HAVE to watch it….