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E3 2016: Activision Announces Skylanders TV Series


It had to happen: Activision’s popular Skylanders franchise is branching off into television. “Skylanders Academy” is the name of the animated series starring the video game characters that will premiere later this year. The series follows the more familiar members of the Skylanders team as they teach a younger generation of Skylanders how to defend the Skylands. The voice cast includes Justin Long, Ashley Tisdale, Susan Sarandon, Jonathan Banks and Norm MacDonald. And one of the stars will be Spyro!

As for where it’ll be appearing, the studio announced a two-year deal with Netflix, who will be exclusively streaming the series. (Note that the above screenshot is from Skylanders Imaginators; we don’t have a screenshot of the cartoon at this time.)

Last year Activision launched a film and TV studio decidated to exploring possible cinematic uses of their properties. Skylanders Academy is the first of such projects being cooked up at the studio to be released. A possible Call of Duty feature film was also discussed during the announcement in 2015.