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Duncanville Given Surprise Season 3 Renewal


We give up trying to predict what Fox does. When you think they’re gonna zig, that’s when they zag. And when you think a zag’s coming? That’s when they zog.*
*paraphrasing a quote from the wise Polas

Five days ago, when the network cancelled Bless The Harts, we figured the writing was on the wall for Duncanville, the other animated show that made its debut last year. Fox won’t be running the second season until the summer, and during its first season, the ratings for Duncanville were about as good as BTH’s was, but…for some reason that didn’t matter this time. Duncan will live into 2022.

We can only speculate why. Was the Poehler Power too great an influence? Amy created the show and voices its main character. Rashida Jones, her friend from the Parks and Rec days, voices another character. The season premiere that airs in late May will feature guest voices from Aubrey Plaza, Adam Scott, Retta and Nick Offerman…the latter of whom also voices the patriarch of The Great North, which got a Season 2 before Season One aired. Did BTH fail because no one from Parks and Rec was in it? We’re through the looking glass, people, it’s a Pawnee Conspiracy.

“Watching Amy bring her incredible talent to Duncanville both on and off the screen these past two seasons has been an amazing experience,” said Michael Thorn, President of Fox Entertainment, in a statement. “Duncanville’s entire cast and crew, led by two of television’s best showrunners in Mike and Julie [Scully], continue to deliver a show that represents everything fans expect from our animated series; and I’m looking forward to another season of Duncanville to relive my teen years, thanks to one of the most irreverent comedies on the air.”

As its name implies, Duncanville centers around the world of its 15-year-old main character and his family played by Ty Burrell (the dad), Riki Lindhorne (his stster) and Joy Osmanski (his adopted toddler sibling). Poehler pulls double duty by voicing Duncan’s mother.

Duncanville will return May 23 with a two episode premiere and then run Sunday nights at 8:30 over the summer, paired with the still-unseen Housebroken (which for all we know, could be renewed for three more seasons already).


  1. I don’t know if Amy Poehler’s influence is why Duncanville was saved per se. Bless the Harts has Kristin Wiig, Maya Rudolph, and the team of Lord Miller behind that show, all of whom are as big of an influence as Poehler. Your first theory about the general randomness of Fox’s decisions actually fits better.