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Due To Popular Demand, DC FanDome Is Now Split In Two

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DC FanDome happens this Saturday. It’s a panel-stuffed virtual event bursting with superhero news of the Warner Bros variety….so densely packed, it’s impossible to watch it all. Hence why people have been complaining.

The schedule is posted here, and you’ll notice it has multiple panels going on at the same time. This is standard for most conventions both virtual and physical. However, in most normal cases, the ones you miss are made available on YouTube later. WB said this won’t be the case for DC FanDome….the only way to watch these panels will be on the event’s own website, and only on that day.

After a lot of fans cried foul, WB buckled and has now introduced a compromise of sorts. No, they’re still not putting the archived panels on YouTube like they should. But they will give people a second chance to watch them. They’ve announced a second, follow-up FanDome where all the panels from the first one will be available on demand.

“We heard the fans,” says a DC rep. “DC FanDome, a first-of-its kind, virtual experience for DC superfans around the world, was a lot to handle in one day! It turned out to be so massive that with so many hours of programming, not even The Flash could get through it in 24 hours! In order to super-serve our fans and provide the best possible experience, DC FanDome has been expanded into two global events, the first on August 22nd — DC FanDome: Hall of Heroes, and a second on-demand experience in DC FanDome: Explore the Multiverse on September 12th, where fans can create and curate their own adventure.”

It’s a step in the right direction. But why so secretive and protective, guys? This is the Internet we’re talking about. Even if you NEVER make these videos available outside the FanDome site, they are going to turn up elsewhere anyway, bootlegged or otherwise. Why fight fate? Who are you fooling?

Anyway….if you want to do this their way, you must binge as many panels as possible on September 22 and then catch up on the ones you missed September 12. Or you could wait for GroddMan420xXXx (not a real address) to throw them on his account. The choice is yours!


  1. If you go to a real in-person convention, panels overlap, and you have no choice but to choose which to go to. It would have been just like a real live convention.

    I agree about the ‘why so secretive’ point too. Comic-Con is leaving all its panels up on YouTube for you to browse at your leisure, so why keep DC Fandome panels hidden away in some vault?! It makes no sense.