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DuckTales Theme Syncs Up Perfectly With Beyonce, Turns Out


Full disclosure: I am not a Beyonce fan. At all. I find her annoying and overrated, and none of her music does anything for me. I’m more partial to the stylings of the Beyonce-like Rihanna — even though she’s a horrible influence when it comes to relationship decisions, she at least manufactures songs I can stand. (You don’t have to agree with this paragraph; musical tastes are extremely diverse and personal.)

Within the past couple of days, when Twitter trenders haven’t been trying to summon a Mexican demon (don’t ask), they’ve been dubbing other songs over Beyonce videos and posting them to YouTube. This is happening because, weirdly, Beyonce’s dancing seems to match up to the beat no matter what beat is being played. This inspired the official hashtag of what is now a meme, #BeyonceAlwaysOnBeat.

Had it not been for the uncanny matchup of what follows below, I would probably not have cared about a single result from this meme, and I would have gone about my day unaffected.

This, however, I can get behind.


When you play the Ducktales theme over Beyonce’s “Single Ladies,” magic happens. Not only does it match up, it matches up more perfectly than any of the others the meme has produced. Every hip-swivel and butt-wiggle keeps in perfect cadence with the rhythm of Duckburg. It’s the funkiest thing I’ve ever seen. Go Beyonce! Move those legs to Scrooge’s tune! Turn that butt into a duck-blur!

“Single Ladies ft. Ducktales” originated on the Tumblr page for the podcast Good Friends; you can see the original source through this link.