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DuckTales Finale Has Shocking Cameo and Reference To Gargoyles


It’s been a VERY wild ride for the reboot of DuckTales over on DisneyXD. The show was announced and had an all-star cast of talent voicing a very modern (and arguably more interesting) take on the original characters from the beloved show from the early days of Disney Channel. What would then occur was a newly-beloved 75 episode run featuring more story, more heart, more fun, and a deep dive into the history of Disney and beyond. And the fans loved every minute of it…right up to the end that was last night.

Because in “The Last Adventure”, Disney closed (see: forced shut) the tale of adventures in Duckburg with one last ride for Scrooge, Huey, Dewey, Louid, Della, Donald, Webby, Launchpad and beyond. The three-part finale was full of heart, references to its past, and one epic cameo that NO ONE saw coming.

Because in a key sequence, the comedic “headless intern” known as Manny was revealed to be an actual magical horseman of the apocalypse. But that’s not the twist. After being allowed to talk, it was revealed his voice was none other than Keith David’s. And in an effort to save some of his comrades in arms he used magic to show his “true form”…as a gargoyle. Yes, really.

For those of you not in the know, there was a shown on the “Disney Afternoon” block called Gargoyles, and it starred a character named Goliath voiced by Keith David. DuckTales not only had Keith do the voice cameo, but in his “transformation” they did a remix of the classic Gargoyles theme and even had him say “I live again! …again!” a reference to one of Goliath’s first lines after being “reborn”.

This was a treat for the fans of the show who REALLY want a reboot and an epic way to show that the beloved DuckTales still had a few surprises in store for its viewers.