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DTemplar’s 25 Toons That Should Be On DVD, And Soon Part I


At long last, She-Ra, Animaniacs, Pinky & the Brain and Voltron are coming out to DVD in a few months. But there are still some toons that have been gathering dust in the vaults and deserve to be released. The question is: Which ones? Here’s my personal opinion.

25. The Brady Kids: Three years after The Brady Bunch first aired, Paramount and Filmation aired the animated exploits of Greg, Peter, Bobby, Marcia, Jan and Cindy. The kids from the Brady Bunch TV show provided the voices. The show was also the animated debut for Wonder Woman.

24. James Bond Jr.: This is loosely based on Ian Fleming’s master spy, this time the hero is 007’s nephew. Most of the classic Bond villians are there as well as new ones like Walker D. Plank and Dr. Derange. I like to see this when Casino Royale is out.

23. Taz-Mania: Ever since his debut in the Bugs Bunny cartoon “Devil May Hare.” The Tasmainian Devil spins, buzzes, and eats his way into our hearts. Getting his own show in 1991 doesn’t hurt either. Taz fans want this show on DVD, along with his whole family.

22. Birdman & the Galaxy Trio: Before Adult Swim made him an attorney at law, Birdman is a superhero who fights crime with the power of the sun. The Galaxy Trio protects the universe on board Condor 1.

21. Centurions: Ace McCloud, Jake Rockwell and Max Ray protects the world from the evil Doc Terror. I wish Skyvault would bring down all 65 episodes on DVD.

20. The Smurfs: With an upcoming movie, fans want to see this classic 80s toon on DVD. And not as Les Schtroumpfs (as it was originally called).

19. Blackstar: Picture Buck Rogers with Conan the Barbarian and you get John Blackstar, an astronaut who got caught in a black hole into the planet Sagar to stop the cruel Overlord. All 13 episodes should be on DVD.

18. Silverhawks: After the success of Thundercats in 1985, Rankin Bass & Lorimar-Telepictures produced a cartoon that I like to call “Thundercats in Space”. Most of the voice actors from Thundercats did voices for this toon. The complete series would be made in 2 volumes.

17. Marvel Superheroes: Originally it was scheduled last year after the ’67 Spider-Man box set. Suddenly BV replaced it with the 90s Fantastic Four box set. The box set should be a 5 disc set with each disc made for each hero (Captain America, Iron Man, Thor, Namor and The Incredible Hulk).

16. ’82 Incredible Hulk: Speaking of the Hulk, why not bring this version to DVD. This toon aired along side Spider-Man & His Amazing Friends for 2 years. And features Michael Bell from G.I. Joe and Smurfs as Bruce Banner and Bob Holt from Grape Ape as the big green monster. I would love to see those transformation sequences once again.

15. Mighty Mouse: With a new movie coming out next year from Paramount and Nickelodeon. Fans would love to see two versions of him on DVD. Some like the 1987 Bakshi version with John Kricfalusi’s pre-Ren & Stimpy animation. Others like me want to see the Filmation version with the original voice of Mighty Mouse, the legendary Alan Oppenheimer.

14. Spider-Man (90s): Even though there are some DVDs on the wall crawler, there is no definitive season set. Fans want to see this classic Fox Kids toon as it was first aired. From the computer background to the rockin theme song performed by Aerosmith guitarist Joe Perry, the season sets are a must. Maybe when Spider-Man 3 comes out.

13. Space Ghost (60s): Since this is his 40th anniversary, the classic HB hero should have his own DVD before the year is over. On the box set, I would love to hear commentary from the original voice of Space Ghost, Gary Owens. And as an added bonus, we’ll throw in Dino Boy in the Lost Valley at no additional cost.

12. BraveStarr: Filmation’s final toon is going to be part of a major deal between Entertainment Rights and BCI. Fans would love to see this box set with the “speed of a puma” much sooner.

11. Freakazoid: With Animaniacs and Pinky & the Brain coming to DVD in July, Freakazoid should be on the list sooner or later.

DTemplar is a reporter at Toon Zone News. His opinion does not necessarily reflect that of Toon Zone’s editorial board.