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DreamWorks Schedules “Dog Man” Animated Movie For 2025


Universal Pictures and DreamWorks Animation recently announced a release date for the “Dog Man” animated movie, based on Dav Pilkey’s series of books. First announced as beginning production back in 2020, the film is now scheduled to hit theaters on Friday, January 31, 2025.

The premise of “Dog Man” is that following an accident, a police officer and his dog undergo a surgery operation that results in Dog Man being born; a half dog, half man creature sworn to protect and serve (though he still needs to fight his canine instincts, such as distractions like chasing squirrels). His arch-nemesis is the feline supervillain Petey the Cat, and his, clone Lil Petey is also thrown into the mix, who changes the game for both of them.

Dav Pilkey is perhaps best known as the creator of the “Captain Underpants” series, which has also been adapted into an animated movie in 2017, and was followed by an animated series for Netflix (between 2018-2020), also from DreamWorks Animation. Emmy winner Peter Hastings is set to direct this new “Dog Man” movie. Hastings was a writer for other cartoons such as “Animaniacs” and “Pinky & the Brain”, but was also involved with the aforementioned “The Epic Adventures of Captain Underpants” series.

When the film was announced in 2020, Hastings shared at the time, “This is my second project based on Dav Pilkey’s books and I’m very excited to take his funny, clever, emotional and ultimately inspirational Dog Man and make it move!” said Hastings. “Not just by telling the story, but by absorbing and building on his great sensibility, bringing it to the screen with deep respect to his gazillion fans — ’cause I’m one of them.”

Pilkey also added his own statement: “I am humbled and grateful to once again work with the brilliant Peter Hastings and the outstanding team at DreamWorks Animation.”

The “Dog Man” series of books launched in 2016 and currently consists of 11 titles, with a 12th one titled “Dog Man: The Scarlet Shedder”, set to be released in March of this year. The series has been translated into 45 languages, selling more than 60 million copies in print, also spawning spinoff “Cat Kid Comic Club”, which topped global bestseller lists when it debuted in 2020. “Dog Man” became a success thanks to Pilkey’s humor, the unique art style (which remains to be seen just how well it will translate to animation), and the many themes explored in the books, such as empathy, kindness and the importance of doing good.

Stay tuned for more “Dog Man” treats to come out as we approach its scheduled release date of January 31, 2025.