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Dreams Set To Come True In 2020


“Dreams” – the multigame universe where you can create your own games – has an announced release date of February 14, 2020 [be sure to let your date know before you get to the fateful Valentine’s Day].


The game is the creation of Media Molecule, the British-based company responsible for LittleBigPlanet, and it incorporates an open universe where users are encouraged to create games, play games [either of their own creation or games others have created] and share elements of the creation of their games.


Players control a customizable “imp” in the Dreamiverse and may visit four modes of the game. In Dream Surfing mode, the player enters what is essentially an elaborate arcade of games created by others as well as a variety of assets [art, music, etc.] also created by others. Players can browse through the assets and games and select those which they would like to try or then can “autosurf” and have randomized selections presented to them.


In Dream Shaping mode, players can make their own game with the tools afforded them and, once they have made their game, they can publish it for others to play or even allow others to contribute to it.


In Homespace Editor, players can interact with other players and share some limited Dream Shaping elements.


Finally, in Community Jam, players are encouraged to create content based on a theme [originated by Media Molecule] and other players vote on what creation is their favorite.