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Dreams – Art’s Dream Gameplay Trailer


There is plenty of time to play video games now that nearly everybody is self-quarantined in their homes due to coronavirus and what better way to pass the time away than playing “Art’s Dream” – one of the signature games created by Media Molecule for their “Dreams” game?


The gameplay trailer shows the bare-bones story mode behind Art and his dream. Art is – or rather, was – a stand-up bass player in a band but he abandoned his band, ran away from his friends, and dug himself a hole, while allowing  doubt and fear to invade his thoughts – with the only escape route possible through his dreams.


There are three “acts” in “Art’s Dream”. In the first act, it is a point-and-click affair as Art is his regular ol’ self, navigating through his memories as you can open cases and interact with objects. While Art is engaged in this trip down memory lane, a blue thing pops up randomly and belts out a tune that creates bubbles filled with game assets.


The second act of “Art’s Dream” is a platform brawler involving stuffed animal characters Art had as a child – Frances and Eyepatch Foxy – Frances [a bear] can smash enemies and obstacles with her giant hammer, while Foxy [a fox, duh] uses projectiles to do the dirty work. Frances and Eyepatch Foxy endeavor to rescue Lancewing – Art’s toy dragon – from the a murderous crow, Thornbeak.


The third and final act of “Art’s Dream” is a puzzle where a robot duo – D-Bug and Ele-D – are on a mission to deliver a power core to a larger toy robot.


Players may switch back and forth between the three acts segments to alter memories, thwart Thornbeak or help the robots through the maze.