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Dragon*Con 2010 Day 1: Adult Swim and "Futurama" News


The official Adult Swim panels at Dragon*Con are a huge draw for convention attendees every year. With Adult Swim/Williams Street being local to Atlanta, [as] shows up en masse with cast and crew from their shows and home office.

This year [as] didn’t offer their annual “Dragon Panel” which had been among the most entertaining panel events for the entire convention for this reporter in the last two years. When asked, Adult Swim staffers didn’t seem quite sure why the panel was nixed. While this was disappointing, [as] more than made up for it by setting what surely must be an all-time record for the most cast members ever to appear on a panel for their Aqua Teen/Squidbillies event. The audience was treated to a rare live script read from the “Armageddon It On!” Season Three episode of Squidbillies. And those cast members who weren’t available from the original episode were filled in by other show crew members, and an audience member was selected to read for Dan Halen (normally voiced by Todd Hanson).

Adult Swim’s focus this year seemed geared more towards entertainment value for the audience rather than using it as a platform to make official announcements.

They revealed precious little about upcoming new episodes of Aqua Teen Hunger Force and Squidbillies. They showed a clip with original animation made specifically for Dragon*Con, featuring Early Cuyler announcing changes to expect from the show following suggestions for improvements on Squidbillies submitted by fans. (Dave Willis stated that they have gone to great effort to “aggressively change” the show.) The new, “improved” Squidbillies will be retitled “ROBOT MOON DRAGONMOON WARS!!” (This amusing bit of video will hopefully make its way onto adultswim.com or a future DVD release.)

Fans were also treated to a script read of an early draft of an upcoming ATHF episode in which Fry, Shake and Meatwad attempt to work as “real detectives.” Willis quipped that they’re going to change the name of the show to “Aqua Unit Patrol Squad.”

Another clip shown featured the team putting themselves into cryostasis in a spoof of “Alien” where a facehugger-type creature (with a rather intentionally phallic character design) bonds with Shake. Comedian Steven Wright provides the voice of the facehugger.

Outside of the Adult Swim panel, some minor news items were revealed by the guests on the first Voice Actors panel regarding characters they’re voicing on upcoming series. But since this toonzone reporter was asked to serve as moderator for this panel event, he was unable to take notes on all the news items that were shared. However, we will follow up on these news items with the panelists before the weekend is over.

Also verified via the Futurama cast members who were present that it’s a definite “we don’t know” about the future status of the show beyond the 6th season.

Still to come are panels for Venture Bros, Voice Actors, Futurama and Star Wars Cartoons. Please watch this space for updates throughout the next week.