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Dragon Quest’s Hero Arrives In Smash Bros Today


What did Sakurai reveal about the newest Smash Bros Ultimate DLC fighter, Dragon Quest’s Hero, today during a special video stream? For one thing, exactly when we’ll get to play him. And when is that? July 30, so we’ll be waiting a few…..hey wait, that’s TODAY!

Dragon Quest’s Hero is actually four Heroes in one. You can fight as the nameless protagonist of Dragon Quests 3 and 4 (originally for the NES), Dragon Quest 8 (originally for Playstation 2), or Dragon Quest 11 (coming to Switch this fall). All have identical moves, and you can pit them against one another on the new Dragon Quest-inspired stage, Yggdrasil’s Altar.

Hero not only comes with three clones and a stage, but eight orchestrated music tracks from the Dragon Quest series, and new DQ-themed Mii Fighter costumes such as the all-important Slime Hat.

Even those who haven’t paid for Hero will find new content in Smash Bros Ultimate today. Adventure Mode now has a “Very Easy” difficulty setting, Final Smash meters drain and expire when not used, online play now has a Tournament mode, and Spectator mode now has the option to bet on the winner of a match for prizes — something you could do in Smash Bros For Wii U, but curiously couldn’t until now. If you bet conservatively, you can rack up prizes fairly quickly by just doing nothing.

Hero will be delivered automatically if you have the $24.99 Fighter’s Pass DLC pack, which covers all five DLC characters, one of which already exists (Persona 5’s Joker), one of which is yet to exist (Banjo-Kazooie) and two of which we know nothing about yet. Smash Bros Ultimate is now out for Nintendo Switch.