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Dragon Ball’s Goku Becomes A Macy’s Parade Balloon

goku balloon

How high can Goku fly? How super can this Saiyan get? The Dragon Ball franchise reaches a new milestone as Akira Toriyama’s creation becomes the first anime character to get his own balloon in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, now in its 92nd year.

goku balloon

Goku is one of three new balloons entering the parade this year, but he’s by far the most significant new addition. The other two are characters that literally no one has ever heard of: four elves from “The Christmas Chronicles” (an animated Netflix movie yet to premiere on the service), and Sunny the Snowpal, an original creation by the parade itself and not tied to any existing property.

It’s my opinion there needs to be some kind of law (like, from the Supreme Court) dictating a certain measurable amount of cultural relevance before a cartoon character can become a Macy’s Parade balloon. Goku has certainly earned his spot, but it’s very evident that anyone can buy their way into the parade. This will be the second year that an airplane with eyeballs from a South Korean cartoon will be taking up parade space. His placement hasn’t helped his popularity in the States at all. He is simply there because some rich guy from Korea wants him there.

The 92nd Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade will be held on November 22nd, starting at 9 AM (live on the East Coast, recorded on the West Coast). Stay tuned after the parade when Lord Beerus judges this year’s dog show.