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Dragon Ball Super Super Hero To Receive Light Novel Adapting The Film

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Dragon Ball Super Super Hero is only a month away from its release in Japan (we don’t know the US premiere date, but, it is scheduled to arrive this Summer at some point), and fans are needless to say, excited. Not the least of which is because of all the teases that have been released, and how the movie seems to be building off of what happened in the Broly movie and the Super series. And now, there’s going to be yet another way to enjoy it.

A new report is stating that a light novel adaptation of Dragon Ball Super Super Hero is coming to come out mere days after the movie’s release in the nation. Some might find this curious, as the anime usually adapts from the manga in which the series was born from. However, Super Hero isn’t a part of the manga canon. In fact, the manga has done several arcs right now that many are hoping will be adapted into a true anime series soon enough.

So, for the movie to go this route shows that they want to give their audience as much of the new story as possible. After all, these books are known to have additions and details that the movies/anime don’t.

As for the plot of Super Hero, that would be the return of the infamous Red Ribbony Army, they’re back and trying to take over with their most advanced androids ever. The teasers show that Gohan and Piccolo are going to have much more in a role in this film and that there may yet be another threat on the horizon. We’re also getting the return of Broly, Beerus, and more, though their roles at this time aren’t known.

All in all, Dragon Ball fans have a lot to look forward to when the movie releases.