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Dragon Ball Super Super Hero Timeline Spot Revealed?

Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero

If there’s anything we’ve learned from media, it’s that when it comes to timelines, they don’t always make it easy for us to follow. Especially when the property in question is a bit loose with the rules and isn’t afraid to go and make something in order to ‘course correct’ or “try something new”. Like we said, it’s never easy. And the Dragon Ball franchise is guilty of this in its own way via how it’s handled Dragon Ball Z, Dragon Ball GT (which is now technically non-canon) and so on. And that has raised all sorts of questions about Dragon Ball Super Super Hero.

Why is that? Well, the movie in question is clearly set after the Dragon Ball Broly movie (which was a massive hit), and promo art showcases growth in characters like Pan, Gotenks and Trunks. So thus, it’s set at least a while after the event of Broly. BUT, in the manga (which many fans are hoping gets adapted soon given the new arcs that have been going on), there have been various things that have happened that aren’t what’s going to happen in Super Hero. So…what’s the deal here?

Well, a special featurette video has arrived and detailed when everything takes place, including this very important line:

“First of all, the story is set on Earth… After the fierce battle with Broly! But, peace didn’t last for long!”

So that definitely clears things up. As this place does take place after Broly, some time has been passed since then, BUT, the events of the manga haven’t occurred yet (Moro, Granolah, etc.).

As to why they’re playing it this way, it’s hard to tell, but more than likely, they’re trying to tell their own story before they jump into the anime, not unlike what they did in Battle of the Gods and Resurrection Z which got adapted (and expanded) into the anime itself.

We’ll find out more when Dragon Ball Super Super Hero arrives in theaters later this year.