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Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero Releases Character Profiles

Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero

Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero is the next movie in the mainline Dragon Ball Super series. The previous movie was that of the Broly film that reintroduced the beloved character into the canon. But now, things are going to get a bit different this time around.

That’s because Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero is going to bring back the Red Ribbon Army, and the team behind Dragon Ball have released some character profiles for you to understand who is going to be in this film:

  • Goku – A Saiyan raised on Earth. He is still improving after his battles with Jiren and Broly! He is currently training under Whis.
  • Gohan – The eldest son of Goku. Despite having potential that surpasses that of both Goku and Vegeta, he does not like to fight and lives a gentle life as a scholar.
  • Piccolo – He’s a Namekian and the offspring of the Great Demon King Piccolo. He used to be Goku’s arch-enemy. He trained Gohan and now trains Pan.
  • Vegeta – The proud prince of all Saiyans and Trunks’ father. He trains with Whis in order to one day defeat Goku.
  • Pan – Gohan and Videl’s first-born daughter. Although she is only three years old, she’s been training under Piccolo and shows signs of having great potential.
  • Gamma 1 – The first of the new Android series created by Dr. Hedo. He puts on a red cape and has a strong sense of loyalty with a calming personality.
  • Gamma 2 – The second of the new Android series created by Dr. Hed. He puts on a blue cape and is sometimes chided by Gamma 1 for his slightly flippant attitude.
  • Dr. Hedo – A genius scientist employed by the Red Ribbon Army. Dr. Hedo possesses highly advanced Android technology.
  • Magenta – President of Red Pharmaceuticals, the current public face of the Red Ribbon Army. In order to rebuild the army, he gets in touch with Dr. Hedo.
  • Carmine – Magenta’s confidant and his driver, characterized by his large pompadour.