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Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero Producer Talks Differences Between This Movie and Broly


Dragon Ball fans have a lot to be excited for. Because during the recent Comic-Con@Home event, a special panel was done to unveil and detail things about the upcoming movie Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero. While not a lot of footage was shown, a teaser showcasing the movements of the CG Goku was done and got a lot of fans talking. However, one thing that wasn’t discussed a lot was that of the plot.

Producer Norihiro Hayashida spoke on things during the panel and after and one of the most interesting elements was that of the tone of the film. Because he promised that things would be different than the previous Dragon Ball Super film in Broly:

“I think this new movie has a different appeal to the outrageously intenseĀ Dragon Ball Super: Broly,” Hayashida began. “There are a lot more slice-of-life scenes that really put a spotlight on the rich world that Toriyama has created. Of course, that’s not to say the movie doesn’t have its share of intense scenes!”

If you recall, much of the Broly movie was setting up the new canon version of Broly as a character, and then the rest of the movie was that of his fights with Goku, Vegeta and Frieza in their various forms.

Don’t get us wrong! Fans LOVED that movie, but it makes sense that the Dragon Ball team would want to go and do certain things differently. After all, despite it being a “highlight”, Dragon Ball isn’t just about fighting. It has a rick lore and wide range of characters, many of whom will be in Super Hero including Krillin, Piccolo, and even a slightly older Pan!

More details are likely to come later, but clearly this is going to be a very special movie in the franchise when it arrives next year!