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Dragon Ball Super Movie Still In Limbo Due To Hack

Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero

Anime fans as a whole are in quite a curious place right now. Because on one hand, there are plenty of great animes that you can go and watch, including the new insta-hit series SpyXFamily which just released. But, some of the best ones come from Toei Animation, and many of them have been put on hiatus. Why is that? Because Toei was hacked and the studio is very much recovering from it. This includes delaying the launch of their highly-anticipated Dragon Ball Super movie, Super Hero.

The hack was indeed a devastating one, and put not just Super Hero on delay (when it was supposed to release in Japan on the 22nd), but then also put various series on hiatus. Now, an update from NHK doesn’t paint that much better of a picture:

“The impact on production still continues and there’s no way to fully recover,” the report shared on behalf of the animation studio (via¬†Chronicles). “[The] movie’s release date is still uncertain.”

On one hand, that’s fair. After all, why would they release the movie if their systems, and their work, were still unsafe or potentially corrupted? On the other hands, fans were REALLY hoping that this movie would be put back on the calendar sooner rather than later.

We still might get a release in this year, but given the severity the hack is implied to have had…that’s not a guarantee by any stretch of the imagination.

It also bums fans out because to be quite honest, they were doing a LOT of promotion for the Dragon Ball Super film before the hack happened. They were ready for its release and now they have to wait to see what needs to be done.

All fans can do is wait and hope that by the end of this that the delay won’t last too much longer.