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Dragon Ball Super Manga Shows Off Rare Vulnerable Side Of Vegeta

Vegeta Dragon Ball Super

While Goku is and forever will be the protagonist and main hero of the Dragon Ball franchise, there’s little doubt that one of the characters who have changed the most since their first appearance in the anime/manga is that of Vegeta. The Prince of Saiyans has often been the “No.2 Guy” and that’s played out in a variety of ways over the years, and in Dragon Ball Super (both the manga and the anime) that’s continued, but we’ve also seen some major growth as well.

A great example of this is in the recent arc within the pages of the manga called “Granolah The Survivor”. Focusing on an alien whose homeworld was destroyed by the Saiyans at Frieza’s order and now he’s out to destroy all the Saiyans in the name of vengeance. Vegeta and Goku go and fight him but find he’s been superpowered by the Dragon Balls.

Vegeta doesn’t let this hold him back and transforms into a new “god form” he calls Ultra Ego. But he soon realizes that even that form is no match. And that’s where an unexpected twist comes in.

He realizes that Granolahs’ hate is very familiar, not unlike his own for Goku and other people in his life like Frieza. So instead of trying to beat him into submission, he tries to appeal to him on a more emotional level. Trying to help him do away with the anger that consumed him.

When that technique didn’t work, Vegeta honestly decides to give up and accept his fate, even apologizing to people like Lord Beerus for not being able to live up to expectations.

Goku is able to save him but this is something that you don’t think about seeing from Vegeta. He’s someone who is always prideful and willing to fight to the end. Him trying to connect with someone on an emotional level, and then giving up isn’t who he is…or at least…it isn’t who he was.

The only question now is, where will Vegeta go from here?