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Dragon Ball Super Manga Invokes Major Saiyan Name In Newest Chapter


While fans are eagerly awaiting the return of Dragon Ball Super via the “Super Hero” movie that is set to arrive next year, those who read the manga are getting some very good content that’ll hopefully get translated to the TV screen eventually. The current arc in the story is the “Granolah The Survivor” tale. One of a survivor of the Saiyan race from their days of destruction and is now bent to wipe them out and then go after Frieza (who ruled and ordered them to destroy planets for a time).

Recently, the battle between Granolah, Vegeta, and Goku (in their various powered forms) has been heating up immensely. Including Vegeta getting his own “special God form” via “Ultra Ego”. But as the battle continued, a shocking revelation came forth from the Namekian who raised Granolah after his planet was destroyed.

He revealed to his ward that while his anger towards the Saiyans is mostly justified…not all were bad:

“There was one Saiyan who didn’t earn your vengeance. Forty years back, the one who actually saved us was a Saiyan named Bardock,” Moniato shared.

Dragon Ball fans will instantly know that name, because Bardock is the father (the true father) of Goku. In the manga (and non-localized anime), Bardock was a simple warrior on Planet Vegeta who was more than happy to go and fight when told. But even he had limits. Including as we found out in the 2019 Broly movie, how much he trusted Frieza.

So given his distrust for the evil ruler of the galaxy at the time, and how he was willing to save his son from destruction, it goes to reason that he could have saved Granolah if he felt the situation was worthy enough.

Is a flashback with Bardock on the way? We’ll find out as the chapters continue!