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Dragon Ball Super Manga Gets New “Trailer” For Upcoming Chapter


One of the ironies of the Dragon Ball Super anime not being on for years (officially since before the Broly movie released) was that the manga eventually started back up again and has been going for a very long time. Meaning that there was plenty of time to go and restart the anime and continue story of Goku and the Z fighters. But only recently did we get an announcement about the new movie, so thus fans are hanging onto everything that the manga is providing for them.

The current Dragon Ball Super arc is known as Granolah The Survivor. Long story short, he is the lone survivor that was ravaged by the Saiyan race when they were under the rule of Freiza. At first, Granolah could do nothing to fight them or Freiza given their known power levels. However, after making a deal with a Namekian, he used the Dragon Balls to make him the “Greatest Warrior In The Universe”.

After much building in the manga, Granolah has been tricked into fighting Goku and Vegeta, and Chapter 72 is the beginning of their conflict. The trailer below highlights a bit of what you can expect.

It should be noted that none of the three fighters there are exactly what they seem. For example, while Granolah did get his wish granted by the dragon of those particular Dragon Balls (not Shenron to be clear), it came at the cost of his life expectancy. Due to his new power, he has only 3 years to live. More than enough time to finish his fight should he be able to.

Furthermore, at this point in time in the manga, Goku has done more training with Whis has a certain amount of mastery with Ultra Instinct, and Vegeta has trained with Lord Beerus to become a destroyer.

As such, this could be one of the most interesting fights in Dragon Ball history.