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Dragon Ball Super Manga Artist Talks The Diverging Paths Of Goku and Vegeta

Dragon Ball Z Resurrection F

Once upon a time in Dragon Ball history, Goku’s greatest rival was Vegeta. Then, during the Frieza arc, they became reluctant allies, then members of the Z-Fighters a little while later until eventually they were friends in everything but name. When Dragon Ball Super came around, the show and manga decided to go and change things slightly in terms of the paths they were on. Because as fans know, the “usual formula” is that Goku would reach a higher level of power and then Vegeta would eventually get it too.

But in Dragon Ball Super, Vegeta wanted more than ever to push himself farther than Goku, but after the Universal Survival arc (where the anime ended but the manga pushed on), he realized he couldn’t go on that same path anymore via the Ultra Instinct transformation. This is where for the first time, Vegeta got a lifeline to an equal, if not greater, power…the Power of Destruction.

Beerus the Destroyer decided to train Vegeta and allow him to use the deadly power of a Destroyer God like himself. And in the current manga arc, the Granolah the Survivor Arc, Vegeta manifested that training with Beerus into an all-new form that might just put him on par with Ultra Instinct Goku.

Toyotaro, who does the art for the manga, opened up about the process of these paths during a special virtual event:

“We decided that Vegeta’s development would take a different route to Goku’s” and the results are now on display for all to see.

Of course, in terms of “who is stronger now?”…he wouldn’t say. Likely because the new form of Vegeta’s (that doesn’t even have a name yet) hasn’t been fully shown.

As for seeing the forms in animation, we know there’s another movie for Super coming next year, and many hope that an adaptation of the recent arcs will happen soon after.