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Dragon Ball Super Gets English Dub Trailer For Super Hero

Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero

Over in Japan, a major event has occurred as Dragon Ball Super: Super Herro has debuted, and while it didn’t do as impressively overall as the previous movie in Broly, it still racked up a large amount of money in its premiere. Making it all the more palpable how big things are going to get when the movie finally comes to the West. Which, we now have a release date for, as well as the first English Dub of the movie trailer!

First up, the dates, Crunchyroll (via the tweet below) has released a slew of dates in which Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero will arrive. And for the United States, that date would be August 19th. So we’re only about two months away from the movies debut in the West. Now, as for the trailer, it’s more or less a rehash of what we’ve seen before in the trailers, but hearing the English voices does provide some new context on things and teases more of what’s to come.

Yes indeed, the movie is hyping up how this is very much a fight mostly in the corner of Gohan and Piccolo, and how the Red Ribbon Army are determined to get back their standing in the world via their “super heroes”. Though one has to wonder (don’t worry, we won’t spoil anything) what the “Calamity” that they are teasing at the end of the trailer is.

This movie was a big risk in certain ways, as this was the first true anime of Dragon Ball that was done not with the tradition 2D style, but with 3D animation. But given how they styled it, you can hardly tell the difference, and that’s very impressive.

The wait won’t be much longer, so we’ll just have to wait and see what happens when the movie releases!