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Dragon Ball Super Further Teases Vegeta Becoming God Of Destruction

Vegeta Dragon Ball Super

Fans are still very much lamenting that Dragon Ball Super’s anime appears to be over for the foreseeable future, but while they hope and pray that it comes back, the manga is giving fans all the reason they need to want it back as there are more arcs being written and certain threads are finally being given a certain fruition. For example, if you recall the “Tournament of Power” arc, Goku became able to use “Ultra Instinct”, and in the manga, following a certain arc, he was able to learn to use it at will. Vegeta was asked by Lord Beerus if he would try and do the same and Vegeta declined as it “wasn’t his style”.

Fast forward to Chapter 69 of the manga and Beerus is training Vegeta to be more-or-less a destroyer god like himself. The problem? Vegeta needs to “clear his mind of his guilt and past”. Specifically, Vegeta’s Saiyan heritage and pride inhibits him from doing certain destruction-based attacks that Beerus knows due to the fact that it’s not focused.

Beerus notes that for him, he only cares about Destruction (and food, but he can separate the two as fans know) when he goes to work and cares not for the plight of mortals. But Vegeta honestly cares about people (like Bulma, his son Trunks and daughter Bulla, etc) and laments the loss of his homeworld as well as the dirty history the Saiyans have that even he fell prey to more times than not.

To further show Beerus’ mentality towards destruction, he also dropped the bombshell to Vegeta that fans have known about for a while: Beerus told Frieza to wipe out Planet Vegeta. And even goaded Vegeta with it by noting that if he tries to get revenge he’ll wipe him out too.

Vegeta is clearly on the path to becoming a destroyer god while Goku is going to become an “angel” in his own right. Who will achieve that full higher-level first? Fans will have to wait and see.