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Dragon Ball Super Ending Production; Final Episode Airs In March

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Is Dragon Ball a hot property these days, or what? Everyone can’t wait for Dragon Ball FighterZ, and the revival of the series, Dragon Ball Super, is burning up the ratings everywhere….wait, it’s ending NOW?

Unbelievable but true. Reports from Japanese sources started spilling out last evening suggesting Toei was wrapping up production on Dragon Ball Super and that the series would air its last episode in March. Tsotomi Ono, who works on the series, confirmed the rumors in a tweet, which translated said “I just found out yesterday that episode 126 would be my last job as an animation supervisor.”

The English dub on Toonami is many many episodes behind and TOM has a long time to think about what button he’s going to push to start the block come 2019. But DBS is undeniably a big reason Toonami now begins at 10:30 instead of at midnight, and the hole it leaves will be difficult to fill.

Fuji TV was quoted as saying the cancellation is a reality, but it doesn’t mean we’ve heard the last from the franchise itself. And to prove it, Toei took the opportunity to announce a new Dragon Ball feature film, set to debut later in 2018. The Dragon Ball Super manga will continue to run, and there’s always the possibility that those chapters will be adapted in a future series. In fact, we’d bet on it.

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