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Dragon Ball Super: Broly Opens In Japan This December


What happens next in the Dragon Ball universe? The latest TV series, Dragon Ball Super, ended in Japan earlier this year, but with the promise that more was coming in the form of movies. The first of these was just announced today…who will Goku be facing off against this time?

According to the trailer (and the title)….it’s BROLY! Wait….Broly?

For those who are confused why this might be surprising (after all, Broly’s been in three movies already)…it’s because Akira Toriyama is personally involved in this movie, and nothing he’s ever written before has used Broly. The Hulkian Saiyan is considered non-canonical by fans because he’s never officially appeared in the manga or the original anime.

Because of this he doesn’t have much depth, even for a Dragon Ball character. He is strong and he beats people up. That’s Broly. He’s a polarizing character within the fandom, to put it simply.

So if Toriyama is writing a movie with Broly in it, does this make Broly canon now? Not exactly. The man published a letter to the public where he explained that his Broly was going to be an updated, more three-dimensional version. “While keeping in mind Broly‚Äôs classic image so as not to disappoint his fans, I updated him and added a new side to his character, and I think this has resulted in a more fascinating Broly.”

Dragon Ball Super: Broly will be the 20th feature film in the Dragon Ball franchise, and will open in Japan December 14. An English release for 2019 has not been announced, but is inevitable.

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